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Gua Sha Angel Skin - Body

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Sharpen your body with this Gua Sha in Bian, ethically selected and chosen for its draining, detoxifying and restorative qualities.


100% Natural Bian Crystal ethically sourced

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Gua Sha Angel Skin - Body - Botā

Why we love it

The Peau D’Ange Corps Gua Sha has a unique design. Each side has a different shape, the advantage is to be able to massage your body using different techniques and make it easier to hold.


-Better skin quality: the contact of angel skin on the skin evacuates stored toxins, drains lymph and activates cell regeneration.
-Strengthens the immune system: Bian stone is recognised for its virtues of strengthening the immune system via its ultrasonic pulses.
-Increases vital energy: direct effect on the body's energies, stimulating, opening and purifying energy channels.

How to use

Very intuitive and easy to use, a complete usage protocol is provided with the product.