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Act of Caring

Restoring leather cleanser

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Natural Scent

An organic cleaner that loosens and clears surface impurities from beloved leather goods such as sneakers, leather bags and leather seats. Contains only natural plant-based formula and vegan friendly. For nubuck and suede we recommend to use a brush since water might harm the material.


Suitable for all leather. Always try on a small area before applying the cleanser to the whole surface.


Aqua, Potassium Cocoate (from coconut). Eco certified ingredients.

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Restoring leather cleanser - Botā

Why we love it

Leather is a genuine material which needs caring to last a lifetime. With care it will become more beautiful and softer over the years. Leather can become dry and sometimes crack. It is also easy to get stains.
This product help you clean and care for all your leather pieces including shoes, skirts, leather bags, chairs, sofas and more.


The protecting leather balm contains only natural ingredients and is scented with essential oils, leaves a lovely scent of forest.
Don’t use leather balm on nubuck and suede but don’t be afraid to use it on your skin. The tin can be reused or recycled.

How to use

Mix a dash of soap with water in a jar to generate foam. Use a sponge to apply foam to leather surface. Wipe dry.