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Delicate laundry detergent

Indulge your delicates in our 98% natural, Orange Blossom-scented liquid detergent. This minimalist formula, enriched with authentic Marseille soap, offers unparalleled gentleness for your most precious garments.

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Marseille soap, Sodium carbonate, Sodium coco sulfate, Sodium citrate, Acacia gum, Xanthan gum, Sodium sulfate, Silica, Enzymes, Perfume.

Delicate laundry detergent - Botā


• Preserves delicate fibers
• Eco-friendly formula
• Luxurious Orange Blossom scent
• Infinitely refillable packaging
•Concentrated for less waste

How to use

Add one scoop directly into the drum with your laundry. Suitable for machine or hand wash.