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Nourishing Soap

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Ideal for all skin types and obtained from Borage, Olive and Coconut oil, this artisanal bar cleanses the skin in a creamy and extremely gentle way. Adding Activated Vegetable Charcoal to the formula allows the skin to deeply detoxify: it absorbs (attracts and retains) all impurities, excess sebum and toxins. The result is smooth, clean and revitalised skin that looks radiant.


All skin types


-Coconut Oil - highly moisturising and rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins
-Olive Oil - possesses antioxidant and
protective qualities
-Borage Oil - satisfies the demands of
the most sensitive and intolerant skins offering relief, comfort, hydration and protection
-Activated Carbon (botanical) - deeply detoxifies, absorbs (attracts and retains) impurities and toxins
-Beautifulness Cocktail – cocktail of natural aromatic essential oils: gurjum

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Nourishing Soap
Nourishing Soap
Nourishing Soap - Botā

Why we love it

This cult classic is today an essential way to free the skin from impurities and enhance the effect of other care products applied afterwards. Soaps offer a delicate sensation of cleanliness and silkiness, transforming the daily hygiene routine into a moment of pleasure.
Crafted in a sustainable way through cold saponification.

Creamy Cleanse - gently, but effectively removes impurities and makeup.
Foam Cleanse: ideal for skin with oily tendencies and/or visible pores; leaves no oily residue.
Micellar Cleanse – ideal for delicate skins, including eye and lip contours.


-Extra soft and creamy cleanse
-Carefully removes makeup
-Detoxifies the skin
-Leaves skin soft and flexible
-Restores luminosity and radiance

How to use

Daily during morning and night. Face, neck and décolletage. Makeup removal, including eye and lip contour.