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Act of Caring

Restoring Marble cleanser, refill

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Swedish Pine

A gentle non-toxic and biodegradable spray specifically made for marble and fine stone material. Gives a protecting film and cleanses the pores of the stone.


Made for fine stone materials like marble and granite but works great for all kinds of natural materials.


Aqua, Pinus sylvestris oil (Pine oil), Potassium hydroxide.

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Restoring Marble cleanser, refill - Botā

Why we love it

Marble is a delicate material which is sensitive and needs regular care. As you most likely already know, certain liquids are not in favor of your marble piece. The worst ones are citric acids found in lemon, lime and oranges but also wine, and carbonated drinks can make horrible marks.
Act of Caring has developed this simple routine to help you clean and care for your marble piece.


Non-toxic ingredients. Natural scent from Swedish Pine

How to use

Please refill your Restoring Marble Cleanser with care and use dry and clean hands when removing bottle head and pour in the new formula.

Do not clean your bottle as it may leave water residues behind that not necessary mix well with Act of Caring’s formula.

Try not to get air inside and make sure to secure the caps on the bottles firmly after refilling.