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Fragranced candle

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Find the delicate scent of Minois care in a scented candle, elaborated with the greatest care from a vegetable wax and a wick in pure braided cotton.


100% vegetable wax - braided pure cotton wick

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Fragranced candle - Botā

Why we love it

The Fragranced Candle diffuses the signature scent of Minois Paris: a light fragrance with notes of orange blossom.


The delicate fragrance of Minois comes in a scented candle. This candle is made with the utmost care using vegetable wax, and a braided pure cotton wick. Its perfume is allergene-free.
Burning time : 35 hours.

How to use

Do not leave to burn unsupervised. Keep out of the reach of children. Place the candle on a flat surface.